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Septic Installation Experts

Reliable Service

We put hard work, integrity, and care into what we do. Compared to other septic companies in California

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Vast Experience

Every person has the skill-set and experience to provide you with quality work that you can rely on.

What Makes CalTech Different?

Lance Bates, Owner & Operator

As our communities continue to grow, CalTech Environmental will be there when it all happens, ensuring that you have the quality of service you deserve.

Septic Tank Installation

CalTech offers professional septic tank installation services. We make use of the best quality products and consult with every property owner to meet their needs. With the best septic tank installation, you’re guaranteed an efficient, high-quality septic tank that will function for years without repairs.

Septic System Installation​

With CalTech, you are guaranteed to get top-notch installation of your septic system. When we install your septic system, we use the best products, provide quality workmanship, and give excellent service to you to make sure your septic system flows freely. ​